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The oil price at which you are underwriting the current stock price based on FLOW NAV model.
$65.00 Oil Scenario
FLOW NAVImplied Value at Stock Price
1st Year PDP Decline Rate - Oil33%
Net Drilling Locations1,780
Locations IRR > 35%1,258NM
Years of Inventory12.6NM
Cost per Well$9.5MM$8MM
776K BOE
AVG EUR (absolute) 11% increase
Cash Flow Breakeven3Q 20202Q 2020
External Capital$295MM$209MM
Core Activity IRR37%
Minimum Required Wellhead IRR
All in IRR17%23%
Future versions will provide ability to choose custom and generic operator type curves

Drilling Economics

Well head IRR based on FLOW type curve
Total Gross Acres: 108,317
Total Net Acres: 81,238
Net Drilling Locations: 1,780

Company Highlighted Wells

Initial Production
Current Production
DateWell NameIP30 BOEOil Rate/dEUR Oil MBO Oil Rate/dYear 1 DeclineFLOW EUR Oil MBO
1/2/18Wright-Adams Unit 31-42 05AH1,9761,7981,10520677%549
1/2/18Cheek Unit 28-21 01AH1,9011,7111,10534876%1,092
1/2/18Wright-Unit 29-20 02AH1,6491,4841,10525574%268
1/2/18Wright-Unit 29-20 01AH1,6161,4541,10520778%418
1/2/18Eaglehead CA1 11LH1,074945390132*75%170
1/2/18Eaglehead CA1 12LH1,2561,076390307*58%602
1/2/18Eaglehead CA1 26CH1,1971,07739086*84%184
1/2/18Saratoga 34-161 1WB7266321,50013762%465
1/2/18Corbets 34-129-2WA1,2931,0471,50025069%844
1/2/18Sleeping Indian A1 1 LA1,6401,3451,50023873%382
1/2/18Saratoga A1 7LA1,0158421,10529562%475
* 12 months have not yet been reported. Decline to most recent month.